Withdraw Onchain

Withdraw your Cashramp balance onchain to a wallet address

Cashramp's API allows you to withdraw your USD stablecoin balance to a wallet address in minutes. At the moment, you can withdraw as USDT via the TRON network.

How to withdraw to a wallet address

mutation {
        address: "TPy5hAiyWeKoUHAnAUSoK8YuqbTx75X8xX",
        amountUsd: 200,
    ) {


  • address: The wallet address you want to withdraw into.

  • amountUsd: The USD amount you want to withdraw from your Cashramp balance.

Please note that this mutation will return an error if:

  • The destination wallet address is invalid

  • The amount is less than the minimum of $10

You will receive a webhook event when the status of the onchain transaction changes.

  "event_type": "onchain_tx.updated",
  "data": {
    "id": "VHlwZXM6Ok9uY2hhaW5UeC1hYzNmODk2Mi1jNzRkLTRmNWMtYTQ5ZC1kYmIzMWM1MDc5Mzc=",
    "address": "TPy5hAiyWeKoUHAnAUSoK8YuqbTx75X8xX",
    "status": "completed", // can also be failed, canceled
    "quantity": 200,
    "fee": 1,
    "symbol": "USDT",
    "network": "TRX",
    "txhash": "8e473aa19bcb2ce3107fc16b88effda50a21d6853a7db67e357abf312c26eaf7"

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