To initiate a deposit payment request, you should use the initiateHostedPayment mutation.

mutation {
        paymentType: deposit,
        amount: 100,
        currency: usd,
        countryCode: "NG",
        reference: "test_ref_1",
        redirectUrl: "",
        firstName: "Clinton",
        lastName: "Mbah",
        email: ""
    ) {
  • paymentType: deposit

  • amount: The amount you want to charge your customer

  • currency: The currency you want to charge the amount in. It can be either usd or local_currency. The local currency to be charged is determined by the country

  • country: The two-letter ISO code of the country your customer is resident in. We can charge them in the country's local currency.

  • reference: Your unique reference (optional)

  • redirectUrl: The URL you want us to redirect your customer to after the transaction is completed. (optional)

  • firstName: Your customer's first name

  • lastName: Your customer's last name

  • email: Your customer's email


Returns a merchant payment request.

  • id: The ID of the payment request

  • hostedLink: A link to the hosted payment page you should redirect your customer to

  • status: The current status of the payment request

    • created: The initial state of your payment request upon creation.

    • picked_up: Your customer has chosen an agent to deposit through.

    • completed: The payment request has been successfully completed. If it's a deposit, your balance will get credited. If it's a withdrawal, your balance will be debited.

    • canceled: The payment request was canceled. Either by the user or by dispute resolution.

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